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It is always appreciated to speak the language knowing and using its syntax and semantics. Yes, it's nothing but GRAMMAR.. doesn't feel sick when hearing the word GRAMMAR.Anything is easy when we know it. Okay... let's start the day with Parts of Speech.

English words belong to eight parts of speech:

1. Noun
2. Pronoun
3. Adjective
4. Verb
5. Adverb
6. Preposition
7. Conjunction
8. Interjection


A Noun is a word which is the name of a person, thing, place or quality.

 Example: pen, city, honesty etc.

How to use it?

Example: 1. Singapore is called “the fine city”.-Name of a place.
                 2.  Ram is a sincere student - Name of a person and quality.


A Pronoun is a word used instead of a noun.

Example: He, She, Him, His, Her, It, You, Himself, Myself, mine etc.

How to use it?

Example: 1. Pritham painted a picture. He gave it to Varun.

When referring to a person and speaking about him, every time it is not necessary  to  use the noun ie the name of the person .For instance quoting the above example, we won’t use  ‘Pritham’ every time instead we can use ‘He’/’His’/’Himself’ appropriate to the context.


An adjective is a word which qualifies a noun and shows the quality, quantity, and number etc., of a noun.

Example: Clever,beautiful,honest,pure,sincere,good,young,large,mere,thousands etc.

How to use it?

Example: 1.She has a smiling face.
               2. Don’t waste much money.
               3. The guys ate little food.


A verb is a word which shows the action done by the subject. Verb tells us not only about an action but also about existence and possession.

Example: eat, run, give, dance, listen, suffer, enjoy, pray , write etc.
How to use it?
      1. He is dancing.
            2. Priya paints well.


An adverb is a word which qualifies a verb or adjective or another adverb.

 Example: sweetly, quickly, very, slowly etc.

How to use it?
      1. She sang sweetly.
2.He ran very slowly.


Preposition is a word  placed before a noun or pronoun to shoe its relation to some other word in the sentence

Example: for, of, about, with, at etc.

How to use it?
1. I acted with him.
2Bread is good for your health.


A conjunction is a word which combines two words or two clauses.

Example: and, but, yet, though so etc.

How to use it?
          1.       Sri and Pri are my friends.
          2.       Though he ate well, he fell sick.


An interjection is a word which expresses a sudden feeling.

Example: Hurray! , Oh! , Good Heavens! , Phew! , Alas! Etc.

How to use it?
         1.       Hurray! We won the world cup.
         2.       Japan was hurt badly by the Earthquake. Alas!

 Note: This article doesn’t covers the full scope of the above dealt parts of speech. It is better  recommended for a basic understanding only. To expertise, a lot to be practiced on those areas.And PREPOSITIONS plays a very important role in English grammar thus it is briefly discussed in next article.

Happy Reading !!! Leave your valuable comments and help me grow :)

 Next Article : PREPOSITIONS

Source : Wren and Martins'  English Grammar and Composition.
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