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Verb series - Formation of Negatives

I'm back to blogging again  :-) Wishing a sunny morning.From this post decided to give useful links(sites) on improving English Grammar on related topics. Let's see the next post in verb series.
                                If the verb in a sentence is one of the these special verbs, or if it contains one of them, the negative is formed by putting not(or n't) immediately after the special verbs;


1.He is there_____________He isn't there.
2.They are poor.__________They are not poor.

*If the verb is not one of these special verbs, or does not contain one, the negative is formed by putting not(or n't) between do,does,did and the base form of the verb.

*If the verb is in the Simple Present Tense, do is used in all persons except the third person singular, where does is used.

*If the verb is in the Simple Past,did is used.

Link for the day :http://www.suite101.com/content/how-to-form-a-negative-statement-in-the-present-tense-in-english-a366147

Note: This article doesn’t covers the full scope of the above dealt topic. It is better  recommended for a basic understanding only.

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Source : Wren and Martins'  English Grammar and Composition., image source:Google.

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