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Verb Series - Formation Of Questions

1Questions are of two kinds:
(a) yes-no which can be answered by "Yes" or "No"
(b)questions which begin with who,whom,whose,which,what,where,when,how or why.(wh-questions).

Yes-no questions begin with a special verb.The special verb, which usually comes after the subject in statements is placed before the subject in Yes-no questions.


1.She is Anil's sister.____________ Is she Anil's sister?
2.He has gone._____________.Has he gone?

When there is no special verb, do/did/does is introduced
**.If the verb is in the Simple Present Tense, do is used except in the third person singular, where does is used.
**If the verb is in the Simple Past Tense , did is used.


1.I live here.__________________Do you live here?
2.He lives here.________________.Does he lives here?
3.They lived here._____________.Did they live here?

In wh-questions , as in yes-no questions, a special verb is put before the subject. But there is an exception.When the subject is who,what,where,which+ noun,  the position of the verb does not change;the verb is placed after the subject as in a statement.


1.Where is my bag?
2.What does he want?

One Example explained:(Form the question)
S.1 You met her where.
S.2 where you met her.
S.3 Where did you meet her.(met->did meet)
S.4 Where did you met her?(Question formed)


Note: This article doesn’t covers the full scope of the above dealt topic. It is better  recommended for a basic understanding only.

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Source : Wren and Martins'  English Grammar and Composition., image source:Google.

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